From 2016 ski permits may generally only be issued to vessels whose owners hold an SBD2 (or equivalent) ski boat driver’s qualification. The Ski Boat Driver Level 2 is designed for anyone who wishes to drive unassisted for water skiing and/or other associated disciplines and is, for many, the starting point on the ski boat driver pathway. It is considered the benchmark standard to drive at clubs throughout the UK on both Inland and coastal ski sites.More information can be found on the BWSW website.

The rules on driving water-ski boats require drivers to be members of the British Water Ski and Wakeboard. Membership of the BWSW is discounted if you join from an affiliated club such as RSWSC.

It is important this year that you carefully read through the sections of the yellow permit application form sent out with your pack, before completing it.

The SBD2 is the recommended qualification for driving waterskiers.  Locally, it can be obtained from Charlie Toogood at the Camel Ski School.  He is aware that some people have been driving skiers for many years on the estuary and is willing to take this into consideration when booking a course.  The RYA Powerboat 2 is not acceptable on its own but the Ski School is able to provide a ‘top-up’ course to bring it up to SBD2 level.

For those who are new to the estuary, Charlie also includes an explanation of the skiing rules for the estuary which you will find in your booklet (given out with your ski numbers) and also ski area etiquette.  If in doubt, refer to the map in your booklet or speak to a Ski Committee member.

Further details of driving for skiers in 2016 can be found here.

Padstow Harbour Commissioners website offers information on moorings and how to book them here.